Mission Driven Research



Mission Driven Research, Inc is a growing company providing technical services to the U.S. federal government. The goal of MDR is to continuously improve performance in three core missions, highlighted below and described in detail on the Mission tab. This mission focus is the core of MDR and fosters a highly satisfying work environment, motivating employees to excellence.


Service to our Customers

The primary mission of MDR is to serve our customers well, in constant pursuit of technical excellence conducted in an ethical manner and in keeping with the values that are core to the company. The customer-focused mission is the top priority of MDR in recognition of the fact that without a customer, there are no other missions.

Service to our Employees

MDR primarily operates in the federal government services domain and our primary asset is our employee base. As a result, Mission Driven Research employees are rewarded accordingly with competitive salaries, a comprehensive benefits package, and other unique opportunities and benefits.

Service to our Community

From the start, MDR has been designed with a focus on a social mission that goes beyond the standard workday. The company leadership has a strong desire to motivate employees to participate in efforts that benefit our community, country, and world. In accordance with this mission, a portion of company profits are directly used for charitable activities that serve to meet the social needs around us.